With grandpa

Chicago todai

It's my bed

Mom looks at me

Mom birthday

Dad, Mom and Joshua

Dad's birthday 12-29-2007

Birthday event

Joshua sit

Joshua's laugh

Ready to eat.

Sitting in restaurant

Want to eat?

Me too chair.

Mccomick & schmicks restaurant

Joshua baptism - Christmas day, 2007

용성이 유아세례 12-25-2007

Sunday afternoon


He is hungry

Josh eats duck

Father to son

Sleeping baby and his mom

Superbowl night

Josh went to wholefood

Joshua's first haircut

My new hairdo

Almost done

It takes some time

Mom holding me

My back

In snippet's

In the mirror

Good boy

Side first?

Ok. I need scarp

I'm ready

Let's go for haircut.

Holding mom


I eat everything.

What is this?

Go bears!

Dad is excited.